Augustus Pablo

Horace Swaby June 21 1953 – died May 18 1999, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Originally from St. Andrew, Jamaica, he was trained as an organist at Kingston College School. There, a girl lent him a melodica, an instrument which he found fascinating. He began playing it at the age of thirteen. As a result of working at Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s record shop in Half Way Tree, Herman Chin Loy also met him. This is because he had set up his own Aquarius store in Half Way Tree. Between 1971 and 1973, Swaby recorded early tracks for Chin-Loy’s Aquarius Records, including “Higgi Higgi”, “East of the River Nile”, “Song of the East” and “The Red Sea.” In the past, Chin Loy had used Augustus Pablo as a generic name for keyboard instrumentals recorded by Lloyd Charmers and Glen Adams, and Swaby used it for this recording.

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