Bunny Wailer

Neville O’Riley Livingston, April 10 1947 – March 2 2021 Kingston, Jamaica

Wailer was born Neville O’Riley Livingston on 10 April 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica. Nine Mile is a village in Saint Ann Parish where he spent his early years. He met Bob Marley there, and the two young boys quickly became friends. The boys both came from single-parent families; Livingston was raised by his father, Marley by his mother. Eventually, Wailer’s father Thaddeus “Thaddy Shut” Livingston lived with Marley’s mother Cedella Booker in Trenchtown and had a daughter named Pearl Livingston with her. Wailer’s sister Shirley had a son, Andrew Tosh, with Peter Tosh.

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