Cecile Claudine Charlton, February 24 1976, Manchester ParishJamaica),

Ce’cile grew up in Porus and Mile Gully, Jamaica, spending most of her childhood in Mandeville, where her grandfather had previously served as mayor.

Having been introduced to music by a friend of her father, Michael “Ibo” Cooper of the reggae band Third World, Ce’ Cile recorded her first single, “Beat of Her Heart”. To classical reggae, she added her own style and took it toward dancehall. Steven Ventura, the owner of Celestial Sound Recordings, noticed her in 1995. After that, she worked as a studio manager and recorded multiple demos. In addition to performing on stage with various bands, she also wrote and produced songs with artists such as Jah Mason & Chrisinti. The single “Can You Do the Work? Her first major success was with Sean Paul. In addition to selling over two million copies in the U.S., this track won a Grammy Award for his album Dutty Rock (Atlantic Records). In 2003, she signed with Delicious Vinyl Records, but she was not given the chance to release an album. Instead, she released singles in cooperation with other artists. Having left the label in 2005, she toured Europe with T.O.K.

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