Cocoa Tea

Calvin George Scott , September 3 1959, Rocky Point, Clarendon, Jamaica

Originally originating from Rocky Point, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica[1], Cocoa Tea has become popular worldwide since the 1990’s after becoming popular in Jamaica since 1985. In my opinion, one of his most famous songs is Rikers Island,[1], which was later adapted into a Ragga version by Nardo Ranks, entitled “Me No Like Rikers Island”, which was featured on Dancehall Reggae Espanol the same year the original “Rikers Island” was released. As well as gaining fame with the song “Young Lover”, he also gained fame with other songs. He gained notoriety in March 2008 when he released a song titled “Barack Obama” as support of the US presidential candidate by the same name. Cocoa Tea’s song “Jah Made Them That Way” from his 1984 album Rocking Dolly interpolates “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson and “Answer Mi Question” by Dillinger.[citation needed]

He initiated the annual New Year’s event Dancehall Jam in 2003, and it ran until 2009, with plans to revive it in the coming years.

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