Macka Diamond

Charmaine Munroe January 12 1971 Kingston , Jamaica

Macka Diamond is the stage name of Charmaine Munroe, a Jamaican recording artist, singer and songwriter. Born in Kingston, she grew up in Portmore. Lady Charm, Lady Worries, and Lady Mackerel were some of her stage names during the 1970s. Sister Nancy, Lady Ann, Lady Junie, and Lady G were some of the female artists she was influenced by at that time. She was able to record “Don Girl” with Junie’s help. Several singles followed, including collaborations with Captain Barkey and Wickerman, before she changed her name to Macka Diamond with 2003’s “Tek Con”, a protest track against Vybz Kartel’s chauvinistic “Tek Buddy”.

In February 2012, Money Ooh Productions/VPAL released her album Don’t Disturb Mi.

Macka plays Kim, a nurse who cares for a dementia patient, in the upcoming film “3 to 11”, directed by Summer Angel.

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