Earlan Bartley, December 19, 1993, Kingston, Jamaica.

In high school, he attended Ardenne High School and studied Media and Communication at the University of the West Indies. In high school, he started to become passionate about music. In the evenings, he would visit local recording studios with the support of his close friends.

Bartley began recording at 16 under the stage name Alkaline. During his school years, he made songs like “Proof”, “Mi Love Woman”, “Reflections” and “Missing You”, creating long-term predictions and expressing his teenage experiences while making music videos with his close friends on school grounds and on Jamaican streets. After working with Notnice Records and UIM Records, he became popular in Jamaica with singles such as “123”, “High Suh”, “Bruk Out”, “Things Mi Love” and “Live Life”, but the single he was most renowned for was “Move Mountains”, which he included on multiple EPs and mixtapes. etc

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