Lady Saw

Marion Hall  July 12 1969,  Saint Mary, Jamaica

She attended Galina Primary School as a child. When she was a teenager, she worked in the Free Zone in Kingston, Jamaica. In Kingston, she worked with the Stereo One system, which she began using at the age of fifteen. As a tribute to Jamaican singer Tenor Saw, Hall took the name “Lady Saw” in 1987. During her performances, record companies noticed her and she recorded her first single with Piper, and Olive Shaw produced “Love Me” which was widely distributed. In Jamaica, she had her first hit with “If He Left” and topped the charts with “Find a Good Man”. After the success of her music on Jamaican radio, she began recording her first studio album. In August 1994, Saw released her first album entitled Lover Girl. The album spawned the hit “Stab Up De Meat”.

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