Lil Bitts

Shivonne Liesl-Anne Churche, October 31 1984  Trinidad and Tobago.

After graduating from Sacred Heart Girls RC School with the title of “Calypso Monarch” in 1996, Lil Bitts began singing Social Commentary at the age of nine. As a tenor steel pan player with Woodtrin Steel Orchestra (1998-1999), she won the National Junior Panorama Competition and was a finalist in the National Calypso Juniors.

Taking second place at the Inter Calypso School Competition in 2001, she moved from Social Commentary to Soca Music, coming fifth at the National Junior Soca Monarch Competition. In 2005, she won Best Soca Parang for her self-written song “Esta Fiesta” on the Christmas Riddum.

Her debut at the International Soca Monarch Competition 2006 was enabled by “Crush”, written by Kernal Roberts. Her brother, Sherrard Churche, penned “Careful,” which was a finalist in the Groovy Soca category in 2010.

Lil Bitts, Mel (Shivorne Melissa Mitchell), Miki (Tamika Ward-Lewis) and CutieRae (Elena Rachel Rawlins) founded the Making Music to Benefit Charities (M2BC) Foundation in 2009. To raise money for numerous homes and orphanages in Trinidad, the Foundation organizes fund raisers and hosts various events throughout Trinidad.

Lil Bitts established Go 4wd Entertainment[3] in 2010. The company provides development and booking services for upcoming and emerging artists.

In addition to appearing regularly on stage in Trinidad, Lil Bitts has performed in Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Vincent, and the United States.

The College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago is where she is pursuing an associate degree in performing arts.

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