Luck Mervil

Lucknerson Junior Mervil, October 20, 1967 Port-au-Prince, Haïti

In the original French and English versions of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, he played Clopin.

As the front runner of the pop-rock/funk band RudeLuck, he won the music contest L’Empire des Futures in the early 1990s. He was approached by Luc Plamondon to star in the upcoming musical Note-Dame-de-Paris, which was Quebec/French. During his career, he appeared in several films, including Claude Miller’s 2001 Betty Fisher et autres histoires. In Quebec, he revisited his theater and musical career with Génération Motown, which was shown in both Québec City and Montreal. He hosted TV5’s public affairs program Le 3950, which earned him an award for his hosting skills.

Mervil is also known for his involvement in the community. When Hurricane Jeanne struck the region in 2005, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society named him Patriot of the Year for his involvement and bringing the Haitian and Quebecer communities together through his single Ti peyi aher. In that year, he released Ti Peyi A, a creole album featuring songs like Ti Mari and Mezanmi, both of which are Haitian anthems.

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