Omari Banks

Omari Ahmed Clement Banks, July 17 1982,

It was released on iTunes on 17 January 2012 as part of Bankie Banx’s album Just Cool that Banks’ first single “Move On” was released. There is currently no title to his next album, but it is expected to be released in Spring 2012[2]. One of the first singles from the album is “Move On,” which is a semi-biographical song about his transition from cricket to music. It has been said by Banks to Basil Walters of the Jamaica Observer that life comes through a lot of ups and downs. However, the most significant thing is that we move forward and grow from those experiences. That is what the song is really about. Although I wrote the song and the music for it, it includes a number of big name musicians on the track. These include Junior Jazz, Glen Browne, Robbie Lyn, and Sly Dunbar. Steven Stanley produced the track.”

As part of Anguilla’s Summer Festival in August 2011, Omari Banks and his band Eleven performed at the Miss Anguilla pageant as part of the Miss Anguilla Awards.

As a cricketer, Banks made various radio and television appearances where he discussed his love for music and the hope of one day pursuing music as a full-time career. There was an appearance by him on the syndicated Caribbean music program Caribbean Soundtrack in the summer of 2010. His 2014 music video “No Point to Prove” featured Peetah Morgan from the Morgan Heritage group as a featured performer.

It was announced on 17 February 2015 that Omari released his latest album Move On (Deluxe Edition)[14]. Earlier this year, he embarked on a promotional tour of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to promote the upcoming music he plans to release at the end of this year.

In 2015, he toured Europe with Morgan Heritage as part of their European tour. The single ‘System Set’ that he released in 2016 featured Duane Stephenson on vocals.

As part of the 2017 Irie Jam Radio awards, Omari Banks was awarded Best New Artist 2017. He was nominated for 2017 artist of the year at the Linkage Radio awards.premiered Reggae Summertime video in India in May 2018.

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