Kevon Douglas, May 5, 2001 St. Catherine Parish

t is a well-known fact that rapper Skeng is from Jamaica. The dancehall musician, singer, and songwriter, better known as Skeng, was born Kevon Douglas in Kingston.

With the recent release of the music video for their collaboration production, Likkle Miss Remix, between Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and Jamaican dancehall singer Skeng, Skeng has recently gained notoriety in the dancehall community. Skeng made a name for himself on the dancehall scene last year after he swept the airwaves with his breakthrough song Gvnman Shift. In the years that have followed, he has enjoyed a run of successes that includes Protocol with Tommy Lee Sparta and London’s Got Talent.

One of the best-known songs by the 21-year-old musician is Gunman Shift, which was released in 2021. As well as Brrp and Street Card, he also has a number of other songs that are widely known. A 21-year-old rapper from New York City has always been passionate about music and has always dreamed of becoming a musician one day. It was in the midst of a musical rivalry between Gaza’s Vybz Karteil and Gully’s Mavado that he drew inspiration from.

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