Tony Matterhorn

Dufton Taylor, March 13 1972, Kingston, Jamaica.

In the early 1990s, Matterhorn joined Inner City Sound System before joining King Addies in Brooklyn, New York alongside selector Babyface in the sound system arena. He won several international matches, including the World Clash Jamaica and the UK Cup Clash, after leaving Addies in 1998 to form his own sound.

Matterhorn eventually crossed over to deejaying, and his Dutty Wine became a hit single and a controversial dance craze in 2006.[1][4] Matterhorn still records and tours as a deejay and soundman.

Matterhorn is a brand of cigarettes sold in Jamaica that inspired Tony Matterhorn’s nickname.[6]

There are six children in his family: Tania Taylor, Zoey Taylor, Paris Taylor, Kadeem Taylor, Duffton Taylor jr, Zye Taylor, Timayah Taylor, and Aoki Taylor.

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