Mr. Easy

 Ian Dyer, June 12 1970, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

As a teenager, Mr Easy, whose birth name is Ian Dyer, migrated to Brooklyn, New York from Jamaica. Having been signed to Warner Bros. Records and then Qwest/Warner Bros. Records, Mr. Easy has entertained listeners for over three decades. In his youth, he aspired to conquer the crowd at New York City’s Apollo Theatre, where nearly every solo performer was booed. It was a successful career for Mr. Easy. Sidney Mills, the keyboard player from Steel Pulse, helped Easy write “Just Be A Lady” and sang his heart out.

Rather than booing, the crowd clapped and cheered. Patti LaBelle and Quincy Jones congratulated and encouraged Easy. After this early success, Mr. Easy signed a record deal with Motown Records and released his first album

Among his many hits are 1990’s dancehall anthems such as Funny Man (Joyride rhythm), Man Ah Say a Who (Rae Rae rhythm), Haters and Fools (Bug rhythm), and Drive Me Crazy (Buy Out rhythm). “Drive Me Crazy” catapulted Mr. Easy into the mainstream, appearing on the soundtrack for Pierce Brosnan’s After the Sunset. In addition, Bashment Girl with Frisco Kid appeared on the soundtrack to the cult classic Belly movie.

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