Mr. Vegas

Clifford Smith, October 30 1974 Kingston Jamaica

His schoolyard football mates nicknamed him “Mr Vegas” because they thought he kicked the ball like a Las Vegas dancer. During his early years as a singer, Vegas sang covers of Jamaican hits at local parties and shows and earned a reputation as a troublemaker. A scuffle over stolen master tapes resulted in Vegas’ jaw being wired shut for six weeks after being hit by a crowbar. According to Vegas, after hearing Beenie Man’s “Who Am I?” he immediately demanded that his still-healing jaw be unwired, changing his speech pattern but allowing him to practice toasting.

In 1998, Vegas gained fame with hits like “Yu Sure”, “Jack It Up”, and “Latest News”. His first major hit was a version of Sean Paul’s “Infiltrate” Riddim called “Nike Air”, which became a huge hit in Jamaica. In addition to its success in Jamaica, the next single, “Heads High”, also charted in the UK and peaked at No. 69 on the American R&B chart, and Vegas became increasingly in demand as a guest artist by acts such as Sean Paul

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