Leonard Bartley July 1st, 1971- died July 19, 2022 Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica,

The first sound systems Merciless used to perform on were sound systems. In 1994, he made his recording debut with “Lend Out My Mercy”, which was a hit in Jamaica and elsewhere, and a string of subsequent hits followed, including “Mavis”, the top reggae single in Jamaica in 1995. His lyrical content was also ‘conscious’ in the late 1990s, like that of several other dancehall stars. His sound resembles that of fellow artist Bounty Killer. He spent fourteen months in prison in Florida during the late 2000s.

Known as “Warhead”, he engaged in several high-profile on-stage ‘battles’ with fellow deejays Beenie Man, Ninjaman, and Bounty Killer in the late 1990s and 2000s. The two recorded together in 2000, with “No One Cares” released as a result of their rivalry.

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