Sister Nancy

Ophlin Russell January 2 1962, Kingston, Jamaica

Russell was the eldest of 15 siblings when she was born in Kingston, Jamaica. During her adolescent years, she occasionally played on the Jah love muzik sound system while she worked with the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In addition, she worked with General Echo for three years on the Stereophonic sound system. Her elder brother, Robert, is also known as Brigadier Jerry. In Kingston, Sister Nancy grew up in a conservative household. Her responsibilities included performing conservative duties such as being an elder in the community and promoting socially conservative values such as staying in the home, staying drug-free, and being family-oriented. As a child, she rebelled against her traditional values and followed her brother’s DJ career. [7] Her father repeatedly discouraged her from DJing and encouraged her to pursue Christian music. [7] When she was a teenager, she became interested in dancehall. There was only one girl at the dance. Her family norms did not appeal to her, so she ran away from home for months at a time. After following DJ Junior Chalice around Jamaica, Nancy was given the opportunity to DJ in St. Thomas. Her first single, “Papa Dean,” for the Techniques label was released in 1980 when producer Winston Riley took her into the studio for the first time. She was 15 when that happened. When she was 16, she said, “Alright, I’ll step up my game.” [8] She never felt nervous again after that. In addition to performing at Reggae Sunsplash, Russell-Myers is the first female Jamaican deejay to tour internationally. She is the first female Jamaican deejay to perform at Reggae Sunsplash. In addition to “One Two”, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Transport Connection” and “Bam Bam”, she achieved further success with other singles. One Two, her debut album, was released in 1982He”A No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy” was recorded with Henry “Junjo” Lawes along with “Bang Belly”with Yellowman titledn, “Jah Mek Us Fe A Purpose”. Sister Nancy and Brigadier Jerry made their UK debut at Brixton Town Hall in 1982.

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